– You have tried to build a sustainable business, but it hasn’t come off the ground as you know it can.

– It’s like there are 2 versions of you: the version that is scared and doubts it’s choices and the one that fully wants to live her/his life as your dreams tell you to. The first is more alive than the second…. But the second is screaming for attention.

– The bigness of who you really are makes you feel like you are just living 10%  of your ability.

– There is nothing that you wouldn’t give to become fully expressed and fully in your biggest life. Including the biggest visions of your company.

– The way of entrepreneurship now feels icky and not right by your energy system. You know there is a way that does feel good and nourishing to your body.

– You just want ALL in life. You don’t want to settle for the scrapes. You want it ALL.




– Being able to live off your business

– To feel like you have got this. You want to feel safe and secure in your business.

To be really focused on where you are headed in life and have the power to create it too.

– Building a business from your natural energy.

– The masculine (consciousness, structure, action, planning, bounderies) to be in service of the feminine (intuition, cyclic nature, emotions)

To include all of life in your creation of Life. Not only your business is important, but all of you.

– A method of working in your business that supports your feminine nature. (this is gender neutral)

There is no limit to what you can create in this lifetime and you want to feel that you are capable of creating it.

There is a calmness in your being of where you are at now. This is all happening for you.

Darcy Lyon


– You know you can create your biggest dreams and desires because you are connected to your creative power.

– The only thing you need to do is to become deeply connected to what you feel and then your actions come from that connection, with ease.

– There is nothing that can stop you anymore in realizing your potential. You know you have got what it takes.

– You feel so connected to Life that you feel guided in every moment.

– Where you felt like a victim of your own powerlessness, you became a person that can handle it’s things and issues.

– The bigness of you comes alive in your offers, branding, strategy, in all of your business. You feel finally playing at full bandwidth.

– You have the capacity to heal your wounds that are coming up while realizing your dreams.

– All of Life feels more natural to you.

– Have what it takes to create a sustainable business that holds ALL of your dreams and desires. And being able to create even wayy  beyond that!


Half a year ago I knew what I wanted very deeply….. But the How was difficult to find sometimes. I wasn’t not working on a business, but on a Soul Mission. En then I entered this membership, heart driven Business, en everything started to root. The practical side of my Soul Mission slowly started to fall into place and started to become visible on the outside,  that what was already inside me. The group, the openness, the safety. Your heart was in it and nothing less. And that paid off!! My Soul Business is born and how!! I’m thankful for you, dear Siets. You are such a beautiful Soul. Thankful for the sisters. How we grew TOGETHER in half a year! Love!


The Heartdriven Business Membership was a huge catalyst for all sorts of inner processes as starting entrepreneur. My business could root in a safe, supportive and stimulating online environment. From flickering desires to a plan that I feel in every viber of my body and am bringing to the world more and more.

Through all the inspiration, practices. meditations, and activations I got the opportunity to embody who I want to be in my business and developed a deep trust in it. What I now know, do and can I would have never thought was possible. It is nou a reality I cannot go around anymore. Thanks for the valuable journey, dear Siets.



In my life I have always felt a creative force that wanted to flow through my whole life. At first it was expressed in creative projects like creating paintings or redecorate furniture. Organising diner parties and all that kind of fun experiences.

I was told I couldn’t make money with the things I love… The photography I so much enjoyed entered the box ‘Hobby’ and I decided to be a normal human being that had a grown up’s job. A job that had more job opportunities than photography or something else I loved.

And so my boring life started LOL. I did a study I didn’t like but I was smart so I finished it. I found the most boring job on the planet and kept to it for 4 miserable years. Because I was good at it.

So my life continued with small upgrades, but the true creation that I felt in my body never came alive.

At some point I just didn’t want to force myself into things I didn’t like… And that started a whole rewriting of my story. A whole new eara, that didn’t stop with my choices in the field of employment.

It opened a whole new life for me, one where adjustment to my natural energy started to begin. First small will starting my own business projects, but the bigger, with embracing my desire for a loving partner, the dream of a big vision coming alive, the dream to travel.

All has the seed of creation inside and they start with you alowing things to become real.

The creative process in business is not different. You can have a business but does it feel like your Soul can flourish? Does it feel like you can be All that you want? Or is it limiting?

This training will go into the process of creation. Creating a business that embraces ALL of your dreams and ALL of your wishes…. It creates a Life you LOVE to Live….. And that is fcking priceless….



David DEIDA 


This training gives a deep transformation in the way you create your Life and your Business. It is a way of creation that you can apply to ALL of your dreams, all of your wishes. It is the Feminine ánd the Masculine Energies that come together. The Feminine and Masculine energies are the base of all creation, in Nature, in Life, in Business, in your Body. If we look at Life we can distinguish the Masculine and Feminine Energies in everything. The way we create a business is no different.

This 8 month training goes into Business Creation from a Tantric perspective. The love for your own natural energy and your own inherent potential is at the base of it. Your dreams, your passions at the start of your Business Creation. What is a Business when there is no heart in it? What is it when your Soul isn’t on Fire? It will never fulfill you if YOU are not in it. This is the starting point.

Then we start building… In a way that nourishes you. We have become so used to doing stuff to get…. Destroying ourselves in the process….. But there is nothing sustainable about that. So natural creation. There is something so powerful about becoming so deeply connected to Your own Natural Energy that you don’t need anything from outside of you anymore to create. No ’10 steps how to build a business’. No just you and your natural power. WOW.

The next phase is the Doing…. The best part and often the hardest part ;). Because you will start to feel the parts of you that still resist your newly found wish to suddenly do the thing that has been on your heart for decades. It is no wonder why those big dreams never happened. Your system isn’t open to them. So this phase is about opening up to your Desires, Vision and dreams.

What if all was possible…. What would you want to create? Can you stand for it? Or will you yield because it is too confronting to meet all your shadows? It is the base of the second part of the training. How to hold yourself through the phase of seeing it through.



In this part we dive into the Feminine Energies of Creation. The start of all of Life comes from the Feminine. It creates new Life.

So when we create a Business, we start from the Feminine Power. The Power to bring Life to this planet. And Desire is the source of this power. Desire has the energy to build and create so big that you don’t believe you can do it. But if the desire is there, in the body, it is meant for you. The bigness for you is in your Feminine Creative Power.

After knowing who you are and becoming deeply connected to your Life Source, we connect to our Masculine Energy in Designing a Business. He is there to help you create the vision in the real world. Financial planning, creating space into your daily life and building business models that are connected to the vision.



Pleasure and desire are holy gateways to your Soul, even though you might have been taught it’s selfish to want more and to be turned on to life. Reestablishing Desire and Pleasure as Sacred Energies in service of the Divine is one of the biggest desires of Sacred Rebels Academy, as it expands you into the fullest expression of Self. It connects you to your Life Force and to your Power…..

In this course we are going to dive into desire… Maybe you haven’t even learned to ask for what you really want, because you are so used to only ask for what you know you can have. The safe route. But what if you CAN have or be everything? What opens op for you then?

This course consists of a deep dive into desire (including a ceremony), different practices to heal unworthiness and methods to regulate the nervous system as you open up for more.


Now you feel what your deepest desires are, it is time to create a set of new conditions in your life to let the new timeline enter your field. This can mean i.e. you need a new source of income to create safety in your body, it can mean you need a new level of surrender in your life or it can mean you need to let some habits die.

Creating space in your life for the new means decluttering and opening up to the new. We will get into the process of surrender and create a new baseline in your life for in this course.


This is a more action oriented course, including setting up the new structures of your business and financial planning so your Sacred Desires can come to life. When you want more out of life you need a new foundation. After focussing so much on Desire and setting up your new life, it is time to create a way to actually bring it to life.

In this course we bring the masculine to the table. Building new business structures, financial planning, pricing and daily structure will be in the curriculum. 


You can have all these big plans and dreams and wantings for your life, but if you are not willing to see it through when you hit resistance or bumps in the road nothing will come alive.

Also, new standards mean new boundaries. The biggest drainer of your Life Force is a lack of boundaries. If you can’t say no to the things that don’t give you energy, but take it…. Than it will be really hard to be in your fullest expression…

It means giving up pieces of your old identity. The people pleaser, the procrastinator, the one that undervalues herself and her work. The only one who is responsible for clear boundaries is you. For yourself and others! In this course we will put a stop to it, because it will be really hard to step into your full expression if you keep compromising yourself.

Pleasure will have a big role in this course, because it is never about striving to something outside of yourself. Pleasure reminds you that there is love and beauty in every moment and that is exactly what you need when things are in the stage of becoming.

In this course we will get into embodiment. How to bring the vision down to earth, through the body, through your actions. Setting up a beautiful energy so you can live out your vision.



The next phase is the execution phase. The design phase can feel fucking amazing because you are finally connected to you BIG dreams and the realization of those dreams. The phase of execution is one of the most rewarding and oftentimes also the most challenging ones. Now you will start to be confronted with your shadows. The system that isn’t programmed to creating your biggest dreams and visions. It is probably programmed to build the life you have, otherwise you would already have the big dreams.

When entering the field of creation, it is super important to create a healthy way of dealing with your emotions and your challenges. This part of the training goes into how to build sustainable ways to carry out your vision, with feeling good and nourished. It helps you regulate your nervous system when you are triggered and let go of the old patterns and trauma that keep you in the loop of creating the life you don’t want to live anymore.


This leadership is going against EVERYTHING you have ever been thaught. It’s about cleaning your inner world, so your OWN POWER comes online. This is about your own |GREATNESS|, and that can express itself in so many different ways. Brilliant ways. I always feel so much sorrow when I think about I think of all these wonderful hearts and visions that don’t get to be expressed because we didn’t own up to our own spirit, because we were thaught it has to look a certain way. It’s a lie! So this module is about painting a whole different landscape for you where you can actually be free, and express yourself in a way that feels natural to you, using the different energies in your own body to forge your way forward and CREATE! 


Understanding the old way of business and new way of business

Dismantling pretenses so you can finally show up as YOU 

Masterclasses on the new way of business: 
– God as your employer (module 2)
– The energy of Self Reliance (module 3)
– The concept of holding (what it actually means to desire more freedom etc.) (module 3)
– Using your witchy/warlock gifts in business (embodying your creatrix) (module 4)
– The circle of life in your business (module 2&4) 

Module 2 – Claiming the Vision 

In this part of the program we are going to focus on claiming the vision that have lingered in your system for maybe all of your life. We are going to bring it forward and spend this time together to understand what claiming your vision actually means, what it looks like and what happens when you claim a bigger vision than you are living now. The reason why it isn’t expressed through your being is because bigger energies mean change. It brings up all of your darkest fears and objections.. That’s why we don’t go there ;). It means we need another embodiment…. Letting go of the identity we have created around ourselves, and that is scary. Because who will you be when you are not playing small anymore? Who will you be when you choose dancing over Netflix? Who will you be when you decide you want to claim that bigger business. Hidden barriers will rise to the surface… And that is what we avoid. So in this module we will not only connect to our bigger vision but we will also go into what it entails and what you can experience once you do that.  


Masterclasses on vision as:
 An entity that wants to be expressed through you (it’s a relationship)
– An activator of Spirit, the trans personal consciousness within 

Ceremony to connect to your Bigger Vision 

How to nurture the vision so it can come to life

The process of shedding the old identity that no longer serves you (doubt, uncertainty, fear)

Module 3 – Maturing

So the thing about embodying a new identity, the identity that can hold the vision, is that you also have to leave parts of your identity behind. Parts that were comfortable, even if they were painful. What we fail to understand is that we sometimes rather choose pain over power, because we are used to it. We are not used to that woman that creates an empire. We are not used to the man who is building a business from the purity of his heart. That means speaking your truth and creating strong boundaries… Hell no!! That is risking people not to like you! This is how the ego mind works. When there is a risk on unsafety it will do everything in it’s power to avoiding, including tricking you into bad habits and easy distractions.

This module is about creating safety in your body by feeling all the trauma in your body, big or small. This will help your body process the old energies that still lingered in your body and feel your true Self. By letting go you actually get to experience that our suffering is projection…. and once we let go of the energies that causes the projections, it clears our vision and shows us our true Self. Also we get to activate our life force energy in this module, since that is connected to our Spark! Once you know how to access your Life Force Energy, embodying the new you will be much more effortless and light. Then we also dive into EGO and how to recognize it’s grip on you, so you can choose differently.


The Difference between the identity of Playing it Small and Inate Power

Masterclass on projection

The Process of Trauma Release (and the importance of surrender)

Healing practices (anger release, Inner Child work, shadow alchemy)

Life force activation practices (breathwork, dancing with your vision, pleasure practices)

Identifying ego and it’s sneaky ways to lure you back into the old comfortable you  

Module 4 – Open your channel

The way I create strategy and get my answers is not by looking at other people (Although I do that as well sometimes), but about being able to open my channel. In this way I connect to my own truth, my own Spirit, the energy of my projects, the guidance and help of the Divine, so I always feel supported in the thing I bring to the earth. Because honestly, this shit is scary sometimes ;). The financial insecurity, the unknown, the mystery we get to play with and in….. For me being able to check in with my guidance is crucial in being able to hold the vision and go through with it. If I didn’t have this, I think I would have chickened out long ago already ;). But having the heavens as your support system is the most powerful support you can have and consciously use.


Becoming your own Oracle

Ask and it shall be given (Divine Guidance)

Channeling your offers

Claiming your desires

Using ceremony to receive guidance

The power of Intention


I feel that it has really opened a door for me in the world of my business, in the feminine and masculine energy. It was a great gift for me to be here. For the first time in my life I could access my Healthy Masculine. Feeling it in my body, not knowing in my mind. It has been a beautiful experience. Also discovering the relationship between the feminine and masculine. I felt for the first time the gentleness of the masculine that holds me with softness. I felt it in my heart. Not something strong and mean and powerful. Something gentle. Being able to allow the movement to come out of me.

For all my life I struggled with a masculine energy that was very pushy, very demanding, DO DO DO MOVE MOVE MOVE GO GO GO. Exhausting. So I’m very glad for today. It was so unhealthy, so difficult to live with. A part of you that always says that with everything I do, I have to do more. And if I don’t, I am a failure. It’s for this reason I couldn’t use this masculine energy, because when I used it I became sort of a robot. So to have this gentle man holding me…. It’s so nice.


I don’t know what is happening right now with only choosing to say yes to the program! Choosing to take my hearts desires so fucking seriously and experience so much fun following it… that I just quit my job. It feels so good, and at the same time I’m shitting my pants with fear. That’s how I know I made the right choice. I love what has been set into motion !!


Structure of the training

The training is based in an online Academy. The training has 8 modules divided over 8 months.

Personal coaching sessions

During this program you have the option to choose extra private sessions. 
See what fits you best, single sessions or a mentorship.





The full 8 month training sustainable soul business

with 8 modules of online content
At least 1 year of access (until out of alignment)


Access to a Facebook community to ask questions and share with the group.


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250,00 / Month For 8 Months

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