This is you

  • You feel that there is a big potential inside that is waiting to come out. You are really determined to let that potential come alive in your Life ánd Business.
  • There is a deeper knowing that in a way you are keeping yourself small. You want to become the FULL version of you in Life and business, but it is as if your identity keeps you back. There is still a lack of trust to go all in for what you really want.
  • If there is something that you know is that you have got what it takes to create your deepest vision of your business. It’s just that you feel there is another way of Business creation that you don’t know yet and is much more connected to BEING and CREATIVE LIFE FORCE than to logic thinking your way through.
  • You might already feel attraction to Tantric practices. They are helping you become more and more connected to you desires and your pleasure in Life and relationships. It got you thinking that it might also be applied to other things. like business. Or at least you are eager to find out.


  • Life doesn’t feel as free as you want it to be. Honestly, being committed to your business feels like the 9 to 5 job you ran away from. Again, it’s not about the thing you want to share (because you love it!) but the setup you created around it.
  • There is a disconnection in the way you are showing up in business (organising, working, making it work) and how you feel it can be. You are more in the area of DOING and maybe even pushing than in being in connection to the vision and let it come alive through you.
  •  You know there is MORE!! You feel there is expansion on the horizon, but you are not sure how to access it. You have tried refining the process of sales, you adjusted a bit in your offers, but it doesn’t reflect the expansion you know is there for you. (So maybe it’s time to built on top of a bigger foundation ;)).
  • You have reached a limit in the life and business you’ve created. You feel like you can’t grow anymore if you keep it this way. Either your clients, offers or your prizes feel out of integrity with your fullest expression of Self. You know it’s time for an update! Redesigning and expanding in the next version of you.


You crave

  • A way of Being in business that feels natural and really f*cking fun
  • A business that feels expansive to be in, where your full power can come online and where you can serve your people the way you know you can (with all of what you have to offer).
  • To feel really f*cking good about your whole life and the way of being in it, not just the business! No more ‘my business needs to save me from my boring life’.
  • To feel calm and full of trust when it comes to your business and the manifestation of your dreams. Time isn’t an issue anymore. Because you feel that the things that are for you are coming by itself. No more rush, just being in total acceptance and joy of right Now….
  • Feeling like you are in your Zone of Genious. The work you bring to this world feels effortless and potent as f*ck.
  • A surrender to Life itself. You are open to receive what wants to be created through you!  Creation will feel natural. Life and business will be ever expanding, constantly opening to your highest truth!
  • To have more energy to create! Fun, Love & expression are the driving force.
  • To feel super connected to your biggest dreams and visions ánd to feel in your bones that they are finally happening!

Sietske has helped me to acknowledge my deepest desire, my biggest block and my biggest vision in our first meeting. So wonderful!

Claudia Gionta (Remembrance)

Siets is a wonderful, pure, intuitive woman. As soon as you see her you feel here purity. To me she stands for: power, discovering your talents and for releasing old patterns. She does this in a really soft and safe way. You feel tremendously safe with her. It feels like you have known her for ages. ‘Working’ or rather unraveling with Siets is a big fat recommendation.



  • You remember the full and vibrant expression of Self….. The one that doesn’t need a to do list to create. You ARE what you create.

  • You don’t question your ability to create your business, you don’t doubt anymore whether you will ‘make it’ or not. Questions like this make her smile. In your body you feel who you are and what you are meant for. Like a tree that knows it’s an oak before it has grown it’s first oak leaf ;).

  • You feel merged with the woman you came here to be. Not a watered down version of YOU.

  • You know how to connect to your deepest desires and Life Force Energy and create from that place.

  • You will be guided by pleasure in your life and business

  • Your business model aligns again with your FULLEST EXPRESSION of SELF.

  • You attract clients that feel aligned with you.

  • The creative process feels much more effortless and fun.

  • You don’t believe everything you think anymore: Less drama and your focus on what you lack will loosen up.

  • You feel in your body you are exactly where you need to be right NOW.

  •  You are going on the greatest adventures of life. Dreams become reality.

  • You feel you are moved in the direction you naturally want to go to, because a lot of EGO grip/ control is released.

  •  Grow you power to deal with problems because you don’t make them personal. This will fr*ggin liberate you.


    The list goes on and on…..

Darcy Lyon

Hi, I am Sietske

As someone who is a huge Life Lover but also a recovered burned out and bored out woman, my focus in my business has always been that it had to feel really good. The moment it started to feel yucky was the moment I knew I had to change something.

The commitment to my Life Force Energy made me decide to stop running the Magical Home Retreats that were really successful but drained my energy to much, because I wasn’t doing what I loved to do: teach! Share practices and knowledge! It felt scary to let them go but I trusted my Desire, as it always led me to bigger and more beautiful things.

Now I’m building my own online course platform and run my own programs.

Every time connecting to my desires in my life opens up a bigger version of myself. The version that couldn’t come out yet because of conditioning and beliefs.

If you think pleasure and desires are selfish, think again. It’s sacred and holy and brings you right back home where you belong. In worthiness and Self expression and in your most shiny Self. That’s not Selfish, that is actually the best thing you can do for your clients and your loved ones.

It’s where your truth lies and where you can give what is truly yours to give. LOVE!


Sietske helps me to come back to my body, again and again. Everytime I get stuck in my head, she gently guides me back to what I already know. To what already is here. To my body, my breath and my feelings. It’s magic, but also practical and fun.


Half a year ago I knew what I wanted very deeply….. But the How was difficult to find sometimes. I wasn’t not working on a business, but on a Soul Mission. En then I entered this membership, heart driven Business, en everything started to root. The practical side of my Soul Mission slowly started to fall into place and started to become visible on the outside,  that what was already inside me. The group, the openness, the safety. Your heart was in it and nothing less. And that paid off!! My Soul Business is born and how!! I’m thankful for you, dear Siets. You are such a beautiful Soul. Thankful for the sisters. How we grew TOGETHER in half a year! Love!


The Heartdriven Business Membership was a huge catalyst for all sorts of inner processes as starting entrepreneur. My business could root in a safe, supportive and stimulating online environment. From flickering desires to a plan that I feel in every viber of my body and am bringing to the world more and more.

Through all the inspiration, practices. meditations, and activations I got the opportunity to embody who I want to be in my business and developed a deep trust in it. What I now know, do and can I would have never thought was possible. It is nou a reality I cannot go around anymore. Thanks for the valuable journey, dear Siets.



REMEMBRANCE is more than just another course….

It’s a remembrance of the full aliveness that you possess as woman… An aliveness that can create worlds with her Being!

In some way or form you feel that it’s accessible for you. A way of business that feels graceful and joyful and open. A way of business that doesn’t come from striving and grasping and trying. But from your own natural state of Being.

This course will be the gateway to that way of Being in business. A way out of all your sticky and constraining patterns are constantly playing out in your system.

We will rewire the sh*t out of your system, letting it open and relax so your true Expression can rule the lands of your beautiful soulful business realms.

You will feel more alive, more vibrant, more like your potential finally sees the light of day, more powerful than ever before.

Not only will you feel like more of your power comes online, you will also feel like being in business comes natural! This state of Being is already inside! Otherwise you wouldn’t be called to open a business!! So let’s open up what is really inside of you that wants come out and play! I’m super excited to witness you in this process!




Pleasure and desire are holy gateways to your Soul, even though you might have been taught it’s selfish to want more and to be turned on to life. Reestablishing Desire and Pleasure as a Sacred Energies in service of the Divine is one of the biggest desires of Sacred Rebels Academy, as it expands you into the fullest expression of Self. It connects you to your Life Force and to your Power…..

In this course we are going to dive into desire… Maybe you haven’t even learned to ask for what you really want, because you are so used to only ask for what you know you can have. The safe route. But what if you CAN have or be everything? What opens op for you then?

This course consists of a deep dive into desire (including a ceremony), different practices to heal unworthiness and methods to regulate the nervous system as you open up for more.



Now you feel what your deepest desires are, it is time to create a set of new conditions in your life to let the new timeline enter your field. This can mean i.e. you need a new source of income to create safety in your body, it can mean you need a new level of surrender in your life or it can mean you need to let some habits die.

Creating space in your life for the new means decluttering and opening up to the new. We will get into the process of surrender and create a new baseline in your life for in this course.


    This is a more action oriented course, including setting up the new structures of your business and financial planning so your Sacred Desires can come to life. When you want more out of life you need a new foundation. After focussing so much on Desire and setting up your new life, it is time to create a way to actually bring it to life.

    In this course we bring the masculine to the table. Building new business structures, financial planning, pricing and daily structure will be in the curriculum. 


      You can have all these big plans and dreams and wantings for your life, but if you are not willing to see it through when you hit resistance or bumps in the road nothing will come alive.

      Also, new standards mean new boundaries. The biggest drainer of your Life Force is a lack of boundaries. If you can’t say no to the things that don’t give you energy, but take it…. Than it will be really hard to be in your fullest expression…

      It means giving up pieces of your old identity. The people pleaser, the procrastinator, the one that undervalues herself and her work. The only one who is responsible for clear boundaries is you. For yourself and others! In this course we will put a stop to it, because it will be really hard to step into your full expression if you keep compromising yourself.

      Pleasure will have a big role in this course, because it is never about striving to something outside of yourself. Pleasure reminds you that there is love and beauty in every moment and that is exactly what you need when things are in the stage of becoming.

      In this course we will get into embodiment. How to bring the vision down to earth, through the body, through your actions. Setting up a beautiful energy so you can live out your vision.


      Structure of REMEMBRANCE

      This is a 4 month training that is filled with online content you can watch in your own pace. There is a combination between theory and practices so you can not only understand everything about becoming fully expressed through your business, but also FEEL what it is like to run your business from your feminine orgasmic nature. Embodiment baby!

      Darcy Lyon


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