VIII – Open your channel mini course

The way I create strategy and get my answers is not by looking at other people (Although I do that as well sometimes), but about being able to connect to my own truth, my own Spirit, the energy of my projects, the guidance and help of the Divine, so I always feel supported in the thing I bring to the earth. Because honestly, this shit is scary sometimes ;). The financial insecurity, the unknown, the mystery we get to play with and in….. For me being able to check in with my guidance is crucial in being able to hold the vision and go through with it. If I didn’t have this, I think I would have chickened out long ago already ;). But having the heavens as your support system is the most powerful support you can have and consciously use.


Becoming your own Oracle
Ask and it shall be given (Divine Guidance)
Channeling your offers
Claiming your desires
Using ceremony to receive guidance
The power of Intention

VIII – Open your channel mini course