So the thing about embodying a new identity, the identity that can hold the vision, is that you also have to leave parts of your identity behind. Parts that were comfortable, even if they were painful. What we fail to understand is that we sometimes rather choose pain over power, because we are used to it. We are not used to that woman that creates an empire. We are not used to the man that builds a business completely from the purity of it’s own heart. That means speaking your truth and creating strong boundaries… Hell no!! That is risking people not to like you! This is how the ego mind works. When there is a risk on unsafety it will do everything in it’s power to avoiding, including tricking you into bad habits and easy distractions.

This module is about creating safety in your body by feeling all the trauma in your body, big or small. This will help your body process the old energies that still lingered in your body and feel your true Self. By letting go you actually get to experience that our suffering is projection…. and once we let go of the energies that causes the projections, it clears our vision and shows us our true Self. Also we get to activate our life force energy in this module, since that is connected to our Spark! Once you know how to access your Life Force Energy, embodying the new you will be much more effortless and light. Then we also dive into EGO and how to recognize it’s grip on you, so you can choose differently.


The Difference between the identity of Playing it Small and Inate Power
Masterclass on projection
The Process of Trauma Release (and the importance of surrender)
Healing practices (anger release, Inner Child work, shadow alchemy)
Life force activation practices (breathwork, dancing with your vision, pleasure practices)
Identifying ego and it’s sneaky ways to lure you back into the old comfortable you