V – Energetic Business Mini Course

This leadership is going against EVERYTHING you have ever been thaught. It’s about cleaning your inner world, so your OWN POWER comes online. This is about your own |GREATNESS|, and that can express itself in so many different ways. Brilliant ways. I always feel so much sorrow when I think about I think of all these wonderful hearts and visions that don’t get to be expressed because we didn’t own up to our own spirit, because we were thaught it has to look a certain way. It’s a lie! So this module is about painting a whole different landscape for you where you can actually be free, and express yourself in a way that feels natural to you, using the different energies in your own body to forge your way forward and CREATE!


Understanding the old way of business and new way of business
Dismantling pretenses so you can finally show up as YOU

Masterclasses on the new way of business:
– God as your employer (module 2)
– The energy of Self Reliance (module 3)
– The concept of holding (what it actually means to desire more freedom etc.) (module 3)
– Using your witch gifts in business (embodying your creatrix) (module 4)
– The circle of life in your business (module 2&4)