VI – Claiming the vision mini course

In this part of the program we are going to focus on claiming the vision that have lingered in your system for maybe all of your life. We are going to bring it forward and spend this time together to understand what claiming your vision actually means, what it looks like and what happens when you claim a bigger vision than you are living now. The reason why it isn’t expressed through your being is because bigger energies mean change. It brings up all of your darkest fears and objections.. That’s why we don’t go there ;). It means we need another embodiment…. Letting go of the identity we have created around ourselves, and that is scary. Because who will you be when you are not playing small anymore? Who will you be when you choose dancing over Netflix? Who will you be when you decide you want to claim that bigger business. Hidden barriers will rise to the surface… And that is what we avoid. So in this module we will not only connect to our bigger vision but we will also go into what it entails and what you can experience once you do that.


Masterclasses on vision as:
– An entity that wants to be expressed through you (it’s a relationship)
– An activator of Spirit, the trans personal consciousness within
Ceremony to connect to your Bigger Vision
How to nurture the vision so it can come to life
The process of shedding the old identity that no longer serves you (doubt, uncertainty, fear)

VI – Claiming the vision mini course