IV – Embodied Business Mini Course

You can have all these big plans and dreams and wantings for your life, but if you are not willing to see it through when you hit resistance or bumps in the road nothing will come alive.

Also, new standards mean new boundaries. The biggest drainer of your Life Force is a lack of boundaries. If you can’t say no to the things that don’t give you energy, but take it…. Than it will be really hard to be in your fullest expression…

It means giving up pieces of your old identity. The people pleaser, the procrastinator, the one that undervalues itself and it’s work. The only one who is responsible for clear boundaries is you. For yourself and others! In this course we will put a stop to it, because it will be really hard to step into your full expression if you keep compromising yourself.

Pleasure will have a big role in this course, because it is never about striving to something outside of yourself. Pleasure reminds you that there is love and beauty in every moment and that is exactly what you need when things are in the stage of becoming.

In this course we will get into embodiment. How to bring the vision down to earth, through the body, through your actions. Setting up a beautiful energy so you can live out your vision.

IV – Embodied Business Mini Course