I – Sacred Desires Mini Course

Pleasure and desire are holy gateways to your Soul, even though you might have been taught it’s selfish to want more and to be turned on to life. Reestablishing Desire and Pleasure as Sacred Energies in service of the Divine is one of the biggest desires of Sacred Rebels Academy, as it expands you into the fullest expression of Self. It connects you to your Life Force and to your Power…..

In this course we are going to dive into desire… Maybe you haven’t even learned to ask for what you really want, because you are so used to only ask for what you know you can have. The safe route. But what if you CAN have or be everything? What opens op for you then?

This course consists of a deep dive into desire (including a ceremony), different practices to heal unworthiness and methods to regulate the nervous system as you open up for more.