– You are a pioneer at heart, you feel like you are here because you are meant to create a more loving world

– You feel like you are supposed to be an entrepreneur, but you don’t really get the hang of it…  getting caught in structures, plans, strategies that make you forget why you started this path in the first place.

– You want to be driven and create from the heart and soul to build something that changes the friggin planet.

– You feel your big energy within, but far too often the expression of it is merely a shadow of what you feel you have in you

– You come across a lot of doubt and fear and you wish to transform it… Not letting it rule your queendom anymore

– You keep stalling to present yourself, because you are not sure if the direction you choose is the right one.

– You doubt your visions and ideas because you are not sure if  they come from the mind or you are just self sabotaging yourself.

– You want to be pure in entrepreneurship and are eager to find a way where Spirit leads the way.



– To feel alive, moved by something that is bigger than you and isn’t even about you anymore!

– To feel liberated from all the fears and objections that kept you small for so many times…. Craving to feel like you can count on YOU

– A super natural (and supernatural ;)) way of entrepreneurship, where the answers and strategies come from the depths of your being, not from the schoolbooks ;).

– Finally owning up to your potential…. Believing it, feeling it and letting it grow every friggin day.

– To learn the magic you need to create your legacy from your Spirit.



Braveheart is a program deeply deeply connected to my own heart and experience. It is being able to stand tall in the face of discomfort, the fears that seem so friggin real that it is easy to yield.

Believing in the Bigger of you that you know that is there. Believing THAT part of yourself…. Over all the smaller ideas and concepts in your head, created by what other people decided you to be.

 This is owning up to your true nature, finding out that you don’t need anything outside yourself but you and your Source….. To create your epic vision you have for your life and your mission (knowing that all is one!)

In this program I collected all my knowledge, sprinkled some glitter over it, and made it the most profound leadership program I have ever witnessed.

My intention is that you start to truly feel the seed of your potential. Start to believe that everything that is on your heart can be true for you. It is my intention that after this program you feel so strong that you know you don’t need anything outside of yourself anymore…. You can rely on you! (Which doesn’t mean you can’t accept help of course… it’s about stopping the outsourcing of your power)

My intention is that your inner world becomes so strong that you feel ready to make bold choices… To say the partner goodbye, to go on that world trip that has been on your heart for ages, to quite the job because your vision is so friggin vivid and in your bones, that there is no way it isn’t happening for you……

We get to create all the things you have wanted to create for ages but were to afraid and modest to claim. This is the work. Cutting the bullshit and amp up the fire.

Ready to see what the program is?




This is a self paced course with the possibility to ask questions in the facebook group and get a response from me. This will be in a post thread and will be answered weekly.

The outline of the course is that it’s based on a 4 month journey, where you can fully embody what is given to you. Take the time you need and revisit whenever you want.


This leadership is going against EVERYTHING you have ever been thaught. It’s about cleaning your inner world, so your OWN POWER comes online. This is about your own |GREATNESS|, and that can express itself in so many different ways. Brilliant ways. I always feel so much sorrow when I think about I think of all these wonderful hearts and visions that don’t get to be expressed because we didn’t own up to our own spirit, because we were thaught it has to look a certain way. It’s a lie! So this module is about painting a whole different landscape for you where you can actually be free, and express yourself in a way that feels natural to you, using the different energies in your own body to forge your way forward and CREATE!


Understanding the old way of business and new way of business
Dismantling pretenses so you can finally show up as YOU

Masterclasses on the new way of business:
– God as your employer (module 2)
– The energy of Self Reliance (module 3)
– The concept of holding (what it actually means to desire more freedom etc.) (module 3)
– Using your witch gifts in business (embodying your creatrix) (module 4)
– The circle of life in your business (module 2&4)


In this part of the program we are going to focus on claiming the vision that have lingered in your system for maybe all of your life. We are going to bring it forward and spend this time together to understand what claiming your vision actually means, what it looks like and what happens when you claim a bigger vision than you are living now. The reason why it isn’t expressed through your being is because bigger energies mean change. It brings up all of your darkest fears and objections.. That’s why we don’t go there ;). It means we need another embodiment…. Letting go of the identity we have created around ourselves, and that is scary. Because who will you be when you are not playing small anymore? Who will you be when you choose dancing over Netflix? Who will you be when you decide you want to claim that bigger business. Hidden barriers will rise to the surface… And that is what we avoid. So in this module we will not only connect to our bigger vision but we will also go into what it entails and what you can experience once you do that.


Masterclasses on vision as:
– An entity that wants to be expressed through you (it’s a relationship)
– An activator of Spirit, the trans personal consciousness within
Ceremony to connect to your Bigger Vision
How to nurture the vision so it can come to life
The process of shedding the old identity that no longer serves you (doubt, uncertainty, fear)


So the thing about embodying a new identity, the identity that can hold the vision, is that you also have to leave parts of your identity behind. Parts that were comfortable, even if they were painful. What we fail to understand is that we sometimes rather choose pain over power, because we are used to it. We are not used to that woman that creates an empire. We are not used to the man that builds a business completely from the purity of it’s own heart. That means speaking your truth and creating strong boundaries… Hell no!! That is risking people not to like you! This is how the ego mind works. When there is a risk on unsafety it will do everything in it’s power to avoiding, including tricking you into bad habits and easy distractions.

This module is about creating safety in your body by feeling all the trauma in your body, big or small. This will help your body process the old energies that still lingered in your body and feel your true Self. By letting go you actually get to experience that our suffering is projection…. and once we let go of the energies that causes the projections, it clears our vision and shows us our true Self. Also we get to activate our life force energy in this module, since that is connected to our Spark! Once you know how to access your Life Force Energy, embodying the new you will be much more effortless and light. Then we also dive into EGO and how to recognize it’s grip on you, so you can choose differently.


The Difference between the identity of Playing it Small and Inate Power
Masterclass on projection
The Process of Trauma Release (and the importance of surrender)
Healing practices (anger release, Inner Child work, shadow alchemy)
Life force activation practices (breathwork, dancing with your vision, pleasure practices)
Identifying ego and it’s sneaky ways to lure you back into the old comfortable you


The way I create strategy and get my answers is not by looking at other people (Although I do that as well sometimes), but about being able to connect to my own truth, my own Spirit, the energy of my projects, the guidance and help of the Divine, so I always feel supported in the thing I bring to the earth. Because honestly, this shit is scary sometimes ;). The financial insecurity, the unknown, the mystery we get to play with and in….. For me being able to check in with my guidance is crucial in being able to hold the vision and go through with it. If I didn’t have this, I think I would have chickened out long ago already ;). But having the heavens as your support system is the most powerful support you can have and consciously use.


Becoming your own Oracle
Ask and it shall be given (Divine Guidance)
Channeling your offers
Claiming your desires
Using ceremony to receive guidance
The power of Intention

Half a year ago I knew what I wanted very deeply….. But the How was difficult to find sometimes. I wasn’t not working on a business, but on a Soul Mission. En then I entered this membership, heart driven Business, en everything started to root. The practical side of my Soul Mission slowly started to fall into place and started to become visible on the outside,  that what was already inside me. The group, the openness, the safety. Your heart was in it and nothing less. And that paid off!! My Soul Business is born and how!! I’m thankful for you, dear Siets. You are such a beautiful Soul. Thankful for the sisters. How we grew TOGETHER in half a year! Love!


The Heartdriven Business Membership was a huge catalyst for all sorts of inner processes as starting entrepreneur. My business could root in a safe, supportive and stimulating online environment. From flickering desires to a plan that I feel in every viber of my body and am bringing to the world more and more.

Through all the inspiration, practices. meditations, and activations I got the opportunity to embody who I want to be in my business and developed a deep trust in it. What I now know, do and can I would have never thought was possible. It is nou a reality I cannot go around anymore. Thanks for the valuable journey, dear Siets.



A self paced leadership journey of 4 months
At least 1 year of access (until out of alignment)

Energetic business
Claiming the Vision
Open your Channel
 (valued at €2100)

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A self paced leadership journey of 4 months
At least 1 year of access (until out of alignment)

Energetic business
Claiming the Vision
Open your Channel
 (valued at €2100)

A private session per month (4 in total)
Weekly Voxer support
(Valued at €1000)

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