‘Life is but a canvas to your imagination’

Henry David Thoreau

Hi, I am Sietske de Waard, Life lover and have wanted to contribute to a more beautiful planet since I was a little girl.

My early years I just walked to road that was set out for me. I went to school, then to college, but it felt like it was not really my own path. 

In 2012 I got a wake up call. I had personal issues that had me lost 10 kg in a very short period of time, left me looking like I really could use a good meal ;). I was handed a book of Eckhart Tolle and so my course changed. I was hooked on consciousness teachings.

In 2017 I started a training called Touch of Matrix. It was mindblowing what you could create when you understood the field of consciousness and your creative ability to change it.

Then Shamanism crossed my path. I was immersed in ceremonies and plant medicine. It was a new world I stepped in and I started to combine my knowledge of conscious creation and ceremony.

When I connected to Tantra a year later (2021) everything started to fall into place. Being in touch with your deepest desires really started to make things happen for me. A new way of leadership and creating a Soul business started to form. A way in deep connection to your own natural energy. The energy of the feminine and the energy of the masculine. It was as if all my problems I encountered in my life started to make sense when I looked at them from a Tantric perspective.

Now it’s my aim to create and share a healthier and more powerful way of being in your life and creating your Soul Business by combining my knowledge of concious creation, shamanism and especially Tantra. It will not only create more fun and juiciness in your life, but it will also be in deep connection to your own life energy and Life itself. I feel that if we want to make the earth a more caring and loving place, we need to find this connection to life itself.

My life long question of what is it that I want to do in working life has become so clear. It is bringing new perspectives to the world of business. I believe with healthier people we create healthier businesses and a healthier planet.



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