Academy in Tantric Arts in Business

So if there is one thing I am PASSIONATE about and see is needed in the world is women that start liberating themselves and start honouring their ability to craft and create their own reality. I see so many gorgeous women like yourself in self doubt or in pleaser mode, satisfying everyone but their own needs, gifts and DREAMS.

And to be honest…. I believe in the gift that lives inside your heart. That yurning, that longing to make a difference, to create something that outlives you. That impacts the planet. AND want the magical experiences in life themselves. Beautiful soul shaking ones! PLEASURE TO THE BONES. I believe in these visionairy women, that have a truth in their soul and actually want to go big…. Big on LIFE! In all areas.

I know that it is you.

So let’s dive in and start our creative journey together.


Feel Alive & Activated while creating a business
that matches your Biggest Vision

Hey, I am Sietske.

I friggin’ love life! I think it’s magical that we get to be here, on this beautiful planet, with the most outrageous animals and species, landscapes and human beings. 

At the same time I know how hard it is to feel connected and alive in a world where things are structured in a particular way. Mostly a way that isn’t working for the feminine nature that lives in all of us!

To express. to create, to be in your highest feminine expression and access your greatness! That’s way I created this platform.
To support you in embodying your INNER CREATRIX… and start forging the way towards a life that turns you ON and a vision that lights up the planet!

On this platform you will find everything you need on QUANTUM creation & healing, on ceremony & rituals, on using your sexual energy to light up the body, your life and your business.

It helps you activating the power that lives within your body, making the dreams inside your heart come to life and helps you let go of anything unnecessary, so the road is clear for your MAGNIFICENCE.

We use the wisdom of several traditions, like the shamanic tradition, Quantum healing techniques like Touch of Matrix, but especially Tantra. My love.. My heart.

IMMERSE YOURSELF INTO YOUR Deep Dark feminine essence & start to see your reality blossom like a wild flower


We offer 1 big training that takes you deeper into building your business from the feminine and masculine energy. This training consists of 2 parts, which you can do seperately, if that’s a better fit. All the trainings in the academy are made to be self paced, but we offer these courses Live, a few times a year.



This is a 8 month training that consists of 2 parts. Both parts can be followed seperately but it’s recommended to do them both.


The first part of Feminine and Masculine Energies in Business is REMEMBRANCE. In this training we start modeling or remodeling our business based on our deepest desires. In this way your whole Being is supported in your business and your biggest potential is coming alive.


The second part of Feminine and Masculine Energies in Business is Braveheart. This 4 month leadership program goes deep into rewiring your system and be able to stand your ground when things get hard in creation time. This is the part where you become a new person. A person that is able to create the bigger vision that you cast.

It’s time to claim your desires… 


Working with me 1 on 1 is possible. Next to the private options during the trainings there is a 6 month private mentorship where we will go deep into your business and create a life and business that fits you as a glove.

If you want to go into a 1 on 1 deep healing session that’s also possible. The Sacred Business Ceremony is to activate your deepest truth and to let go of all that doesn’t resonate anymore.


get ready for a new way of business…


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