Academy in Tantric Arts & Quantum Creation in Business

So if there is one thing I am PASSIONATE about and see is needed in the world is that people start liberating themselves and start honoring their ability to craft and create their own reality. I see so many gorgeous people like yourself in self doubt or in pleaser mode, satisfying everyone but their own needs, gifts and DREAMS.

And to be honest…. I believe in the gift that lives inside your heart. That yurning, that longing to make a difference, to create something that outlives you. That impacts the planet. AND want the magical experiences in life themselves. Beautiful soul shaking ones! PLEASURE TO THE BONES. I believe in these visionairy people, that have a truth in their soul and actually want to go big…. Big on LIFE! In all areas.

I know that it is you.

So let’s dive in and start our creative journey together.


Feel Alive & Activated while creating a business
that matches your Biggest Vision

Hey, I am Sietske.

I’m a Quantum Creation & Healing Practitioner, I am teaching the Tantric Principles in Business and Creation and I love to be of service to women that want to create their Deepest Vision for their Life and their Business.

I love LIFE and I feel so blessed that I get to teach something that is not only good for ourselves but also for our beloved planet.

Once we start to merge more with our own nature and express that in our businesses I feel our businesses become much more sustainable and giving, instead of devastating the planet.

The Sacred Rebels Academy was created to bring the Art of Creation in Business to the women and men that looking to create a business from unity with their Soul.

It helps you activating the power that lives within your body, making the dreams inside your heart come to life and helps you let go of anything unnecessary, so the road is clear for your MAGNIFICENCE.

We use the wisdom of several traditions, like the shamanic tradition, Quantum healing techniques like Touch of Matrix, but especially Tantra. My love.. My heart.

IMMERSE YOURSELF INTO YOUR Deep Dark feminine essence & start to see your reality blossom like a wild flower


We offer 1 big training that takes you deeper into building your business from your Core, your natural energy.
It’s an 8 month training that takes you through the creative process of business building, with the emphasis on natural creation. 

The full training takes you from the beginning to the end when it comes to creating a sustainable business and a Life you love from your natural Core. Your essence. It let’s you use your natural energy to create instead of forcing your way through.

If you desire your biggest most epic Life and Business to flow through you, here is where you should begin.

It’s time to claim your desires… 


If you feel interested in this work but not sure if you are a right fit for the full trainings, check these trainings out. 


We will dive into the art of Sacred Desire because it will bring you to the deepest version of you that wants to come alive. It will open you up to your Sacred Desires in Life and Business. It will become a whole different starting point for leading your business. A business that has the most authetic Self Expression at the base of your Business.

This is a 4 week course aligned business that comes from the Soul. It goes into the creative flow in business and how to switch back into alignment when you feel stuck and unsure and wobbly. You don’t have to stay stuck for days or weeks when you understand there is a system behind creation and know how to shift back to alignment.

get ready for a new way of business…


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